Make the most of your servings with CUPCAKES!

Custom Cupcakes [Buttercream Icing D├ęcor]

* Kimmi's Minnies (bite-sized miniature cupcake) 100 Minnies for $75

   (great for large gatherings where finger treats are needed)

* Standard Size Cupcakes~ Buttercream ONLY~$25 per dozen order

   With Fondant Decor and/or Handmade Fondant Flowers ~$30/dozen

Full (100%) payment is now required for ALL (non-wedding) CAKE ORDERS, DUE AT THE TIME OF PLACING/CONFIRMING YOUR ORDER, to reserve the date for your event. We highly recommend arranging a complimentary consultation with us to obtain a directly specified estimate for your particular event. Ideally, specialty cake orders should be made no fewer than 10 days prior to your event!

**North Carolina Food Tax of 2% will be added to the total order price.