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Full (100%) payment is required for ALL (non-wedding) CAKE ORDERS, DUE AT THE TIME OF PLACING/CONFIRMING YOUR ORDER, to secure commitment for your event.

We highly recommend arranging a complimentary consultation (email or in-person) with us to obtain a directly specified estimate for your particular event. 

NOTE:Due to strict trademark laws, Kimmi's Confection Expressions has elected NOT TO CREATE major character-themed (i.e., 'Marvel', 'Disney', 'Sesame Street', etc.) cakes at this time. We have also elected not to create erotic-themed cakes under any circumstances.


We offer a complimentary 1-hour (non-tasting) consultation session (can be done in-person or via email), in which we:

*Discuss your event and specific needs regarding your cake

*Affirm preliminary design ideas and pricing estimate. 

As each of our cakes are customized and made to the individual specifications of our clients, the number of servings and design complexity of the cake are typically the determining factors for pricing. Additional materials required for use in cake customization may incur additional cost to the standard fee.


A separate flavor tasting appointment (For Wedding Clients Only) is also available upon request, for a fee of $75.

Wedding clients will receive the following:

  * Choice of 3 cake flavor samples from current menu

  * Choice of 3 icing flavor samples from current menu

  * Choice of 3 filling flavor samples from current menu

  * 1 Hour time slot, dedicated to tasting appointment 

We strongly suggest that potential wedding clients request to have a copy of our wedding cake prices emailed to them in advance of the initial consultation.


North Carolina Food Tax of 2% will be added to the total order price of all orders.

Our prices are very competitive and we are committed to mutually fair pricing with our clients! Ideally, specialty cake orders should be made no fewer than 10 days prior to your event; wedding orders should be made and finalized no fewer than 2-3 months prior to your event.


(ONE event guest equals ONE serving)

Cakes are sized and priced in increments of 10 servings.

Minimum cake size available is a 10-serving cake.

Custom Specialty Tiered Cakes

* Buttercream Icing Décor only ~ 10-15 serving size        $25

                                                           20-25 serving size        $50

                                                           30-50 serving size        $80

                                                           60-100 serving size      $125

* Buttercream plus Fondant Covering/Décor

                                                           10-15 serving size        $40

                                                           20-25 serving size        $70

                                                           30-50 serving size        $100

Custom Specialty Sheet Cakes

  * 20-person cake (aka. 1/4-sheet)          $50

  * 40-50-person cake (aka. 1/2-sheet)     $80

  * 100-person cake (aka full-sheet)        $120

Wedding Cakes (pricing pertains to both ceremonial and groom's cakes)

* Buttercream Icing only [minimum 50 guests ]

  $3.25 per serving, plus tax & delivery

* Buttercream Icing plus Fondant Flowers/Decor [minimum 50 guests]            $3.75 per serving, plus tax &        delivery

* Fondant Covering/Handmade edible flowers [minimum 50 guests]           $4.00 per serving, plus tax &             delivery

Custom Cupcakes [Buttercream Icing Décor]

* Kimmi's Minnies (bite-sized miniature sampler cupcake)

  100 Minnies for $75 (great for large parties as finger treats)

  NOTE: Fondant work is NOT available for miniature-sized cupcakes

* Standard Size Cupcakes

  Buttercream ONLY~ $25 per dozen

  With Fondant Decor and/or Fondant Flowers ~ $30 per dozen


Customized Corporate Sheet Cakes

(for Business/Corporate/Church groups only,


Includes the following features:

  * Your company logo

  * Custom message on the cake

  * Flavor choice from current menu selection

  * 20-person cake (aka. 1/4-sheet)       $40, plus tax & delivery

  * 40-50-person cake (aka. 1/2-sheet)  $70, plus tax & delivery

  * 100-person cake (aka full-sheet)      $110, plus tax & delivery

[Note: Pricing is for Buttercream iced/decorated cakes; if Fondant decor is desired, a fee of $10 will be applied to the base price]


  Batched in 1-dozen quantities

  Cake flavor from current flavor selections page

  Outer Icing Colors customized to your preference

  Priced at $20 per dozen

  Local Delivery is $15; Pick up is free of charge

DELIVERY FEES: Compensation for time & fuel for cake deliveries [PICK-UP OPTION DISCONTINUED: Due to logistical and safety issues, there will no longer be an option for picking up cakes. Delivery arrangements must be made for cake orders]

* Local Deliveries [Raleigh, Durham, RTP, Apex, Chapel Hill area] ~$8.00

* Wedding Deliveries [includes cake set-up and silver cake stand use, if needed] ~ 


  FOR ROUND TRIP DISTANCES OF 35 MILES OR MORE ~                $100

For wedding cakes, a 70% non-refundable deposit secures the order for your event, the remainder will be due no later than 30 days prior to your event. [A final guest headcount for your event must also be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the event date; last-minute additions in guest headcount will result in modification of the price of your cake.]

We currently accept payments by method of :


          *Local check ($25 fee for NSF/returned Checks)

          *Money order

          *PayPal (contact Kimmi for PayPal arrangements)

NOTE: Due to trademark laws, Kimmi's Confection Expressions has elected not to create major character-themed (i.e., Marvel, Disney, etc.) cakes at this time. We have also elected not to create erotic-themed cakes at any time, for any reason.